The first stablecoin backed by cans of AriZona Iced Tea

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Backed by America's most stable asset.

We plan to stabilize the troubled cryptocurrency ecosystem by introducing a new token backed by a hard asset that has maintained the same price for over 30 years: AriZona Iced Tea. While other stablecoins attempt to peg to dollar amounts through questionable algorithms or opaque investment strategies, we guarantee our liquidity with sweet, delicious liquid.




Redeem for real tea.

Each USDTea is equivalent to and redeemable for one 23 ounce can of AriZona Iced Tea. Simply send us your tokens as well as a processing fee and we’ll ship you physical cans of AriZona. Due to algorithmic complexity, our quants are only able to ship tea within the United States.

Redeem USDTea for tea

Teacentralized Liquidity

USDTea is implemented as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. To maintain fiduciary responsibility, we’re starting small with an initial supply of 1000 tokens, then slowly issuing more as we build up our tea reserves.

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How do I get USDTea?

Use this page to exchange ETH for USDTea. We look forward to USDTea’s adoption by all major exchanges soon.

Where can I use USDTea?

USDTea is implemented with the ERC20 standard to make it convenient for use on the Ethereum blockchain. To make USDTea adoption more widespread, please encourage its adoption by your favorite exchanges, businesses, and friends who work at Tesla.

How do I redeem my USDTea for real cans of tea?

Go to our redemption page and let us know how many tokens you want to exchange and enter your shipping information. Pay a ~$20 flat processing fee and then our quants will ship you tea within 1-25 business days. Currently we can only redeem USDTea within the continental United States.

Can I get my tea faster?

Unfortunately, due to the throughput limitations of Web3 and our local FedEx Kinkos, no. This should be resolved following the Ethereum merge.

Can I redeem tea outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, due to algorithmic complexity and an uncertain regulatory environment, we can only ship tea within the US.

Can I choose what flavor I get?

Flavor choice is not available at this time. We will send you the best possible tea selection from our liquidity pool.

Do you actually have 1000 cans of tea?

Our self-audited asset pool consists of a decentralized federation of hard tea holdings supplemented by prospective tea futures.

What if the value goes above or below 99 cents?

USDTea is not pegged to any amount of fiat currency. It is pegged to actual physical cans of AriZona Iced Tea.

What happens when ETH crashes?

We update the ETH/USDTea to match ETH/USD from time to time to maintain parity.

How can I see my USDTea in my wallet?

Click here to add your tokens to MetaMask, or other compatible wallets.

You can add USDTea tokens manually using the following information:
Contract address: 0xDdc61aeB0DA4Ee68D9b8928fe0f8402885BA3314.
Symbol: USDTEA
Decimals: 18

Are you affiliated with AriZona?

No. We are a community of technologists passionate about building stable future economies with sweet, refreshing canned beverages.

Still have questions?

Please read our whitepaper for more information.